Monday, July 14, 2014

Moving day

Hi pups and people, Hobo speaking.

Don't fall over and faint because we haven't been in touch lately. Momma has been soooo busy she can't think straight.

We are moving! Momma is having a hard time. Let me explain. Momma decided a long time ago that she didn't want to buy a house. Too expensive. Always having to do repairs, pay property tax, roofs alone cost thousands of dollars. So when she was just married, they found a cute little house near the beach. The landlord was a nice man. So they rented it. Back 40 years ago, the rent was just $200.00 a month. They lived a happy life. For awhile. Momma's husband died in a motorcycle accident. They only had been married 7 years and didn't have any kids. So now it is 40 years later, the rent is $1028. The man's children decided they are going to sell it. They only gave momma 2 months to move 40 years of stuff. Try to find a place that will take 3 dogs and didn't cost a million dollars.

Well, it turns out that no place will allow 3 dogs. Momma looked for almost the whole 2 months. She finally found one that will take 2 dogs. I'm not sure what she is going to do with Luna and Milo but I'm here to stay. What she is going to do is, hide Milo. Poor boy is getting old and he doesn't get around too good. He sleeps most of the time and never barks. So Luna and I are on the list. She will walk me and Luna together and Milo alone. There are all kinds of dogs there so hopefully no one will notice. We can't hide Luna because she barks all of the time. She never shuts up. We hope she doesn't disturb the neighbors. The other big adjustment is we won't be able to go outside whenever we need to potty. We will be locked up all day until momma gets home from work. We are very good about using potty pads, so momma will use them when she is gone.

It is going to be a big adjustment moving from a two bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment.

Momma says that she will try to keep you informed as things go along.

Here are some pictures of what the model apartment looks like. It is pretty much the same as momma's just not the furniture. She will take pictures when things get settled. It's a nice apartment mom says, we haven't seen it yet.

Well, I was going to put pictures but I can't figure out how to do it. I click add photo but it won't do it. Oh well.