Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Mia Muah went to the Bridge

Hi Friends from Dogster,

I have sad news. Little Mia died today. Her little body just couldn't take anymore and her Momma and Daddy decided to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge.

If you want to go over to Dogster and leave a note, this is her link:

Her Momma is devastated.

Hobo, Luna and Milo


  1. Mia wuz quite a lil' twooper. Hur wood ged so sick an' den hur wood recover. Hur wuz 'mazin'. West in peece, sweet lil' Mia Muah. Yu will neber be furgodden <3

  2. Momma got an email from Mia's momma. She is very, very sad. Mia was her special heart dog. Just like you are Zaidie, for your momma and your are Whitley for your momma. It is very hard on mommas, to lose their heart dogs.

  3. Didn't know if you have heard yet.... Coco Rose went to the Rainbow Bridge today. Our hearts are breakin' for her family.....